Imogen Heap - Mycelia World Tour 2018

World Tour, Multiple Countries [Ages 13+]


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£150.00 (excl. Fees)

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  1. Jay D
  2. Tracy K
  3. Mika T
  4. Jose Alejandro Z
  5. Paula W
  6. Ginger K

Hello everyone!

So, it’s been 6 years since I was last on tour and a LOT has happened in that time, mostly things beginning with the letter m, like music making, being a mum, Mi.Mu gloves and a whole lot of Mycelia! WHO/WHAT on earth is Mycelia? Isn’t that something to do with mushrooms? Imogen... what are you ON?

In short, it’s a vision for a future music industry ecosystem I’ve been dreaming of but more on that later because right now I want to tell you that Mycelia (our new best friend) is taking both Imogen Heap AND Frou Frou on tour from September 2018 and it might just be you’re going to help us get there! I know I know, EXCITING! Breathe in……. And out……and in…...

Around 30 of us are going on tour for a year sharing songs, projects, ideas and technology in a different city almost every week. It’s to be a three day music and tech festival, so maybe you’ll fancy coming to spend a few days with us in Barcelona, Havana, or Tokyo doubling it up with a holiday!

Mycelia World Tour pilot event Mycelia World Tour pilot event

Firstly though, we need to know if anyone is up for this as right now our tour needs enablers to get it going.

This is what our enablers will get for £150 in any city we are visiting.

  • Sitting in the front 3 rows for 3 the evening shows (Ask me Anything Imogen Heap acoustic set, Frou Frou concert, Glovetastic all bells and whirlies main Heap show)
  • First access and a discount to the afternoon kids concert, talks, panels and workshops
  • Having your name on the “wall of thanks” for helping us get the tour off the ground
  • Video blogs and updates
  • Lots of other surprises along the way.

On top of this, you can hear other handpicked artists playing who we love, explore the interactive exhibition space (VR experience, Mi.Mu gloves, Creative Passports, Life of a Song - Hide and Seek), come jogging with me one morning or come to our tree planting sessions to make it up to the planet as we travel and take that Mycelia metaphor to the max!

Meanwhile, Mycelia will be knitting together the music maker community, both physically and digitally in developing and sharing technology as it travels around the world. Its core offering is to dish out "Creative Passports” for free, to every music maker we meet and together build a second to none platform for music related services to connect to and do business with that makes sense for us and our songs. 20 years in the industry led me to this point and then I reached a point I didn’t want to release any more music knowing I was adding to the problems of our increasingly fraying music business. I have shared and discussed this with thousands of people over the last 3 years and am totally convinced we need Creative Passports, collectively forming a Music Creatives Database to shape a positive future music industry with music creatives leading the change.

So, getting back to it and to summarise… I would like you to buy £150 ticket for a festival that doesn’t yet exist, for a city you don’t know where it’s going to be in, for a date somewhere between September 2018-September 2019! Am I mad? We shall see! Worst case scenario you can’t come in the end, we’ll refund you the ticket (as they’re not for resale).

Once we see how the interest for the tour goes, we can start at looking for sponsorship to cover the rest of the tour and then, If we make it, ‘normal’ tickets will be on sale closer to the time.

With fingers and toes crossed and much love to you
Imogen xx

P.S. Anyone who has a deluxe box set ticket can come in to a soundcheck as long as you have a ticket

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