Outer Beauty. Inner Beast.

Smart technology for managing large-scale events.
Event management, marketing, ticketing and intelligence tools
that reduce risk, save time and grow revenue.


Enterprise marketing, analytics and revenue generation software for large-scale, capital-intensive events.

Designed for

festivals, Esports tournaments, concerts and conventions

Why Manage Your

Event Management, Marketing and Intelligence
Earn More Revenue
  • Built for Large-Scale Events, Great for Small Events Equipped for 100 attendees to over 50,000 attendees
  • Increase Ticket Sales by Unlocking New Revenue Streams Smart ticketing increases overall sales by 15-30%
  • Actionable Audience Intelligence Demographic insights and behavior help event organizers choose more relevant talent, sponsors, vendors and activations
Save Time & Money
  • On-Site Guest Management Tools Smarter gate flow and guest management with live-sync, RFID, mobile scanning and offline capability
  • Increase Engagement & Discover Influencers Discover superfans, micro-influencers and engage them to drive ticket sales
  • Mitigate Scalping & Fraud with a Secure Resale Ticket Exchange Matches buyers/sellers and handles the entire transaction. Prevents scalping and tickets being sold above face value
Event Experience
  • Reduce Financial Risk with Revenue Acceleration Incentivized sharing tools that shorten time to sellout
  • Reduce Marketing Costs with Marketing Automation Generate hyper-targeted micro-campaigns to lower conversion costs
  • Save Time and Resources with Business Administration Enables event organizers to focus on their creativity by eliminating time-consuming tasks
Customer Workflow
  • Global Accessibility & Payments Available in multiple countries and currencies, supporting over 100 payment gateways including Stripe, LayBuy and Razorpay
  • Data Visualization Tools Custom functionality by type of events from gaming to festivals and conferences.
  • Integration with Vertical-Specific Platforms Connect with platforms like Twitch and FACEIT to curate content and find commercial partners.

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