Smart technology to grow your events.
Event marketing, ticketing, management and intelligence
that reduces financial risk, saves time and increases revenue.


We exist to make you successful. Our technology helps to promote your events, give you valuable data and insights, and generate as much revenue as possible.

We're designed for

festivals, Esports tournaments, club shows,
concerts and conventions.

for your event?

Here's why thousands of events around the world
trust us to make them successful...
Earn More Revenue
  • Built for Large-Scale Events, Great for Small Events Equipped for 100 attendees to over 50,000 attendees
  • Increase Ticket Sales by Unlocking New Revenue Streams Smart ticketing increases overall sales by 15-30%
  • Actionable Audience Intelligence Demographic insights and behavior help event organizers choose more relevant talent, sponsors, vendors and activations
Save Time & Money
  • Increase Engagement & Discover Influencers Discover superfans, micro-influencers and engage them to drive ticket sales
  • On-Site Guest Management Tools Faster, smarter gate flow and guest management with live sync, RFID integration, mobile scanning and offline capability
  • Prevent Scalping & Fraud with Named Tickets and Secure Resale We match buyers and sellers, handling the entire financial transaction. This prevents scalping, resale fraud and tickets being sold above face value
Reduces Stress
and Admin
  • Reduce Financial Risk with Revenue Acceleration Incentivized sharing tools that shorten time to sellout
  • Reduce Marketing Costs with Targeted Content and Ads Generate hyper-targeted micro-campaigns to lower conversion costs
  • Save Time and Resources with Business Administration Tools Allows you to focus on what makes your events unique by eliminating time-consuming tasks
Adapts to Regions
And Event Types
  • Global Accessibility & Payments Available in multiple countries and currencies, supporting over 100 payment gateways and financing solutions, including Stripe, Affirm, LayBuy and Razorpay
  • Data Visualization Tools Custom functionality by type of events from gaming to festivals and conferences.
  • Integration with Vertical-Specific Platforms Connect with platforms like Twitch and FACEIT to curate content and find commercial partners.

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