Shipwrecked Open Air Music & Arts Festival

. Te Arai, Te Arai

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  1. Isabel K
  2. Claire W
  3. Becky R
  4. Viki W
  5. SIMON L
  6. Christoph H
  7. Marley D
  8. Carolin S
  9. Adrien L
  10. Gabrielle Y
  11. Ray S
  12. Edit M
  13. Patrick Z
  14. Jane L
  15. Marieke N
  16. Guillaume L
  17. Liz T
  18. Marwin G

Shipwrecked Open Air Music & Arts Festival 2018

3rd - 5th February 2018  Te Arai , NZ


Nestled between three lakes in an idyllic landscape not far from the hum of Auckland, the Shipwrecked Festival site at Te Arai has been lovingly curated over the years to transform into a spectacular playground. Taking inspiration from the European festival scene, with uniquely Kiwi vibes, Shipwrecked festival is a place to come together to celebrate and immerse ourselves into a weekend of underground electronic music, nature, visual and interactive art, and life itself. 

For more information see our website

Huge International and local line up.

4 stages, Healing zone, Private lake and beach, Giant boats and sunkin cafe's. we say its one of the best little festivals in the world. Come and join in. 

For more information see our website