Home Brew - Return From Exile Tour (Tauranga)

. TOTARA STREET, Mount Maunganui [AGES 18+]

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NZ$45.00 (excl. Fees)

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In 2014, national party intelligence named Tom Scott the biggest risk to New Zealand’s homeland security and he was exiled to Australia.

As a result, the economy crumbled and housing prices sky rocketed. Lui was forced to find a big boy job in construction while Haz DJed for trust fund kids at 1885. Times were tough.

3 years and 5 NZ on Air shut downs later, the planets have realigned and the holy trinity of atheism has reunited for one more ‘last ever tour'.

Get your ticket at www.theticketfairy.com and witness live in person what could be Home Brew’s last great mental breakdown.

*Profits will go toward funding Tom and Haz’s solo vanity projects and Lui’s new tool belt. No Auckland show.

Tickets on sale Wednesday 8th March | 7pm