Dimension Festival 2017

. Waimatenui East Road, Donnellys Crossing [AGES 1+]

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4 Day Outdoor Psy-Trance Festival




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Our goal: to provide the perfect environment and means to facilitate the most profound, consciousness-raising experiences known (or unknown) anywhere. Everything featured at Dimension is carefully crafted with our primary goal-pure elevation-in mind.




Music is one of the cornerstones of a maximized festival experience. For each afternoon and night of Dimension, expect to be delivered to all new heights and depths by our authentic lineup of top-class international acts. Nothing will be held back during these transcendent all-night sessions, so expect to be pushed to the absolute outer limits of consciousness and fun.

Music will start around midday and go until 4am for the first two nights. Then, for the mornings, we will drop the tempo so you can chill, swim, connect, and generally recharge for the next BIG afternoon and night ahead.

Don't forget: On the third night, we will be blasting all the way through that final morning!

"This peacefully intense joy started to slowly flood as huge, involuntary smiles appeared on all our faces. I felt my feet and body both freeing up and sinking, as if the beat itself was somehow pushing me down into the floor. Half an hour later, I was washed through by a sea of utter freedom and happiness. Reality itself seemed to soften. The music seemed to care."

-A.K. Finn


Sound Quality

Sound quality is crucial for delivering and maintaining a peak trance experience. We have invested in what is fundamentally the best audio chain on the planet—the only 15kw Opus Audio Soundsystem with custom digital-to-analogue conversion currently being used at a festival globally.

Yet words cannot describe the combined clarity and power of our custom Opus rig. Those who have attended our events know that it must be heard (and felt) to be truly understood. So come let our amazing sound wash over you and envelope your being for 3 nights of 'having it' psytrance! 


Stunning Visuals

Visuals are designed to build from the music, setting the scene for each sequence of steadily further plunges into altered (or ultimate) reality.

We look forward to unveiling some special new visual surprises this year, so expect to be wowed the second night!

"[They] draw on technological resources to enhance rather than eliminate our humanity, using technology as a means of intensifying our sense of connectedness to our fellow humans. They aren’t post-human so much as hyper-human."

-Becca Rothfeld


Psychedelic Art Installations

No authentic psychedelic event is complete without droves of crazy hanging UV art, so expect plenty of such bliss at Dimension . . . as well as a few trippy creative expressions beyond what you have probably ever seen before.

We like surprises : )

"All things appear to be their own point. Their simple existence, or better, their present formation, seems to be perfect, to be an end or fulfillment without any need for justification."

-Alan Watts (The Psychedelic Experience)


Beautiful Site

Our chosen site, nestled in the hills of sunny Northland, is just 3 hours from Auckland.

Not only will we have total freedom to blast our mighty Opusrig at full power 24x7, but imagine being greeted by a pristine river with multiple swimming holes meandering past the dancefloor.

Everyone that came last year was absolutely blown away by the location, and we know that you will be too. It is well worth the distance to come away and get fully lifted and twisted with us amongst such fantastic natural beauty for days and nights on end! 


Alternative Theme Camps

As a new feature this year, we will be giving crews the opportunity to add to the vibe at Dimension by creating their own themed art and sound spaces. The idea is to make Dimension as comfortable and dynamic as possible for all in attendance, regardless of their background (or state).

This will be by application only, so let us know if you might like to provide an alternative for ravers to enjoy.

Like Minded People

Dimension is a joyful celebration where individuals from various backgrounds all come together with the same general purpose in mind. Perhaps the most exciting aspect is when you realize you are part of a tribe who share your same core values.

We are in for this ride together, and we so prize the sense of unity achieved as we join to brave the psychedelic storm, reaching a far higher capacity as a family than could ever be reached alone.

"At these gatherings bonds are forged like cast iron steel, often lasting a lifetime for those involved. The people at the festivals and events all gather together under the pillars of music, peace, love, unity, freedom, and togetherness."

-Adam Beckett



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