Comedy of Errors | BLOT! +FILM| Auro

. Auro Kitchen & Bar, New Delhi [AGES 18+]

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Top Influencers
  1. Himanshu N
  2. Harshit J
  3. Nakul M
  4. Dhruv M
  5. Nishant R
  6. Himani D
  7. Astha K
  8. Karan S
  9. Pranav S
  10. Aarushi B
  11. Nupur G
  12. Faizal K
  13. Renu S
  14. Sohini M
  15. Rahul M
  16. Harshitha S
  17. Brij Bhushan N
  18. Navroop B
  19. Yapang Achi I
  20. Mayank S

The year is at end, and we just cant pretend,
A Celebration is in order, despite the disorder.

Come dressed A King, A Queen, A Twin
Dissolve the past, its time at last.

Film & BLOT! at the obvious spot,
Register here to be a part of the lot.

KV2 Sound System

Supported by PC Mag India + Honor 7x. Rights of admission reserved.