Aum Indoors - The Undersea Forest

. The Studio - K Rd, Auckland [AGES 18+]

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Auckland’s fully themed annual indoor PSYCHEDELIC costume party is ready roll!
What are you coming as?

Saturday August 5th – Studio the Venue


The Undersea Forest theme lends itself perfectly to creating a space unlike ever seen before in New Zealand dance music history. Expect to be trully dropped in to another world. So get your friends and your costumes ready! This will be the most colourful and original event we have done so far…

This year there will only be one indoor AUM. This is our annual midwinter psytrance & electronica 3 room, full immersive artistic experience of decor, lighting, sound, visuals, live painting and performance. With cutting edge, quality, intelligent and seriously fat sounds from our residents plus hand picked guests.
Your line up for the evening, over two highly produced rooms (+ more art rooms)

*Not in playing order

Big Dave - - - (Phat Productions) – Full power Psytrance

DJ Kamotion - - - (Impossible Objects) – Deep delicious D&B
Nerdy Absurdy - - - (Psycred Alliance) – 432hz Psytrance
Miss Minxtape - - - (Kiwiburn) – Smoochy Disco Eclectic Rockstar
Rachael Sabin - - - (Aum Productions Resident / Clever Box) – Sexy AF fat Techno
Munter - - - (Aum Productions Resident) – Munter!
Protocol - - - (Aum Productions Resident) – Whompy twisted Psy Prog
Froggman - - - (Aum Productions Resident) – Deep delicious Psy Prog
Ferksta - - - (Aum Productions Resident) 
Plus special guest
Aurora Wild - - - (Velvet) – Silky grooves and awakening spoken word

Psytrance, Progressive, D&B, techno and more…

Decor, lighting, lasers, and art by
One at Peace
Flying Paua
Marcus Morgan
TnT Creative
+ more

Live artist raffle on site (Please bring $5 cash in hand to be in to win the original painting) with
Fats White

If you have been to Aum before, thank you so much for your beautiful vibes, love, energy and support… can’t wait to see you all again. If you have never been to Aum, come meet the family. We do things our way and with a whole lot of love. We do not follow trends, do anything just because it’s popular or compare our shows to others, we just set our own bar each time and do our art. We are for the misfits. The indigo children. The artists. The lovers. .
We are one.


Have a beautiful day


Anna & Paul
AUM Productions – ॐ
A new direction in light & sound