COVID-19 Sucks!

We’re with you during these hard times. We give you the best chance of kickstarting your events once your region opens back up.

Our platform helps to weather the coronavirus storm with
  • Cashflow to start paying your deposits
  • Increased ticket buyer confidence
  • 24/7 support, including all ticket buyer enquiries
  • Targeted, cost-efficient marketing channels

Revenue Growth

  • Supercharge your word-of-mouth marketing! Our rewards system lets ticket buyers earn back their cash if they get enough friends to attend your event. Most events see an extra 10-20% in sales, often enough to push you into profit!
  • Offer your fans pre-paid annual membership plans with access to a year's worth of shows, merch bonuses and member-only pre-sales
  • Connect your Shopify store to offer merchandise during your ticket on-sales

Cashflow is King!

  • As an official Stripe Verified Partner, our Professional and Seasoned plans allow you to receive 100% of your ticket funds in advance!
  • Cancellation insurance is included with our Professional and Seasoned plans, paid by the ticket, not as a lump sum the week before your event
  • Payment plan integrations with Stripe, Affirm and Laybuy allow your ticket buyers to pay in chunks, lowering the barriers to purchase


  • Primary ticketing, with chargeback protection and named tickets that require photo ID at your event, preventing scalping
  • Built-in, secure secondary resale to transfer tickets to friends or a waiting list, at face value - no more ticket fraud!
  • Optional ticket buyer insurance to get a full refund if the unexpected happens - including contracting COVID-19!

Data, Data, Data!

  • The most detailed ticket buyer analytics of any platform, essential for making informed business decisions
  • Generate and gauge demand before ticket sales start with our pre-registration workflows
  • Build audiences to run future ad campaigns to Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Billboard and more!
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